Confirmation of the reservation of accommodation

Secure reservation of accommodation

Reserving accommodation through the agency will cost you the same as doing it directly with the renter. The important difference is that, when you reserve accommodation through the agency, you conclude a contract that arranges and guarantees the guest's rights and obligations, which automatically gives you the security of reserved services and payments.

Confirmation of the reservation of accommodation

The rent of selected accommodation unit consists of two payments. The first is the advance payment which you make when reserving the unit, and the remaining sum is paid during your stay in the office of our agency for private accommodation and at the reception desk of the hotel for hotel accommodation. For each reservation, the agency issues an estimate with an offer for advance payment. The reservation is considered to be confirmed only when the agency has received the paid amount or the guest has submitted by email a proof that he or she has made an advance payment. The advance payment can be paid through bank and on line with a credit card, according to the instructions attached to the agency's offer. The guest can pay the full cost of accommodation at once when confirming the reservation.

The agency guarantees that the prices in its offer are the same as the prices in the accommodation unit.


On the basis of the advance payment or the full cost of accommodation rent, the agency sends to the guest's email a voucher specifying the number of persons for whom the reservation is valid and all included services. The voucher is a valid document with which the guest can prove the reservation and requested services.

The voucher, apart from the information about the owner and address of the rented accommodation unit, also specifies the paid and the remaining amount that the guest is obliged to pay during his or her stay in the office of our agency.

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