Health tourism

The health benefits of the Losinj climate have been recognized as early as the end of 19th century by the renowned Austrian medical experts, who started to scientifically explore the island. In 1885, the first patient arrived in Mali Losinj and the recovery was very successful. After that, a lot of celebrities built villas and winter harbours there. A series of hotels and private sanatoriums were founded, where the patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases were treated. In 1892, Mali and Veli Losinj became health resorts.

Natural healthy factors of the island of Losinj

Health tourism makes use of natural medicinal resources because of their favorable influence on health and improvement of quality of living, as well as on prevention and treatment of and recovery from various diseases. We divide them into 3 groups: climatic (climatic elements, factors and procedures, change of climate, clearness of air, sunlight/solar radiation, sea factors), maritime (climate, clearness of air, sunlight, sea water, algae, vegetation, sand, salt and sea pelloid, walking paths) and spa (termomineral waters, pelloids, medicinal black oil ("naftalan"), vegetation, clearness of air, climate, sunlight, walking paths).

Health tourism on the island of Losinj began at the end of 19th century. Among the first to prove the special climatic features of Losinj was a natural scientist Ambroz Haracic (1855-1916). As a professor at the Maritime School in Mali Losinj, in 1879 he started his meteorological measurements, and published works on the connection between the Losinj climate and vegetation, stressing that Losinj is an excellent health resort.


A renowned health resort for more than 120 years

Veli and Mali Losinj were awarded the status of health resorts in 1892, due to the efforts of balneologist Dr. Conrad Clark (1844-1904) who, upon arrival to Losinj in 1885, discovered the value of Losinj as a health resort. He came to Losinj with his son, who was suffering from serious throat problems, and whose condition improved after three weeks.

Winter tourism was predominant at the time, and summer tourism developed slowly only later. The home of health tourism in these parts is the climatic-thalassotherapy in Veli Losinj.

In Veli Losinj, there is a health resort with a long tradition and results in treatment of skin and respiratory diseases. Its numerous programs are especially suitable for people living in polluted and noisy cities, for those burdened with daily stress, for people who do not engage in enough physical activity and whose nutrition is poor and inadequate.


An ideal place for prevention of illnesses and recovery

These data show us the possibilities of Losinj in the development of health tourism. Losinj has all the necessary climatic and natural preconditions for the recovery of patients or those that need to take time away from a damaging or stressful life at a place ideal for "replenishing their energy".


A favorable climate

To breath in the natural sea aerosol, it is useful to take walks across paths along the sea shore, where the aerosol is naturally created. On the islands of Losinj and Cres, more than 130 paths have been built and marked, and a map of paths has been published. In the winter months, the air is filled with the cypress pollen, whereas in spring and summer, pollen of olives, pine, blueberry and various aromatic wild plants predominate. The most dominant spore is the Cladosporium – unlike pollen, the content of spores is the highest from June to December.

There are various other aromatic Mediterranean plants that contribute to the favorable impact of the health factors on the island. Their essential oils mixed with clear air and natural sea aerosol have a positive impact on certain skin and respiratory diseases. Even a microlocation is adequately protected by the dense vegetation.

An important element contributing to the pleasant climate of Losinj, especially during winter, and allowing subtropical vegetation, is a warm sea current from the southern Mediterranean sea. It contributes to the clearness of the sea - that is why the sea is always clean and unpolluted. The average annual sea temperature is 17 degrees Centigrade, and because of the warm sea current, its minimum value in winter is 12 degrees Centigrade. In the summer, the sea temperature in the harbour is around 26°C.

The quality of the sea water is high, it is regularly examined, and the data are scientifically representative. The sea water is mostly used for bathing, and in recent years, outdoor and indoor pools with sea water are becoming increasingly popular.

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