Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: When are reservations for accommodation usually made ?

A: This question is hard to answer. For the most popular hotels and villas such as Villa Diana or Villa Alhambra, reservations are made during August and September of the current year for the next year’s season. The best private and hotel accommodation is as a rule reserved during January and February. Already from the beginning of April, it is hard to find top-quality apartments and rooms with beautiful views. Of course, reservations are being made during the entire season, because our agency always has something on offer. From August 1 to August 19, the chances of finding accommodation are around 1% because in this period there are no vacant accommodation units on the island.

Q: Why would I reserve accommodation when I can come and look for it directly ?

A: Of course, you can do that, but, in our experience, there are a lot of desperate families that visit agencies, hotels and houses during July and August, sometimes till late at night, looking for at least one free bed. Many failed to make reservations ahead in order to save money, and were forced to pay a 50 - 100% higher price at the spot with renters who are aware of these problems or had to go back ashore because they could not find accommodation.

Booking accommodation does not cost you anything, but can mean a lot! In the comfort of your own home, you can view our accommodation offer with your partners and find and reserve ahead what suits you. When making a decision, you can always consult our staff. In this way, you will make sure that the accommodation will be waiting for you, and that you can start your vacation immediately after the arrival at the destination.

And most importantly, by reserving accommodation you sign a contract with the agency, which then takes over the organization of your vacation and guarantees the legality of the contracted rent – without charging a fee and expenses to the guest !

Q: True, but I heard that, when you don’t make a reservation and come in person, you can negotiate about the price and get a discount !

A: Of course, that is possible, but the question is why would someone lower the price in the middle of the season, when 99% of all accommodation units are full? Trust our experience – do not fully rely on the possibility of “risk arrival” to save money or get a discount, especially if you have children! A discount is always offered for accommodation that is hard or almost impossible to fill, which usually includes low quality accommodation units.

Do not rely on renters standing and offering accommodation on the roads, crossroads and similar places! They as a rule offer accommodation of dubious quality, next to a congested road or in the zone where tourists do not like to stay, because otherwise they would already have reservations and old guests returning each year and they would not have to be standing there. In many cases, these are illegal accommodation units, where you will not be registered and you risk being kicked out without compensation or substitute accommodation upon the arrival of inspections.

On the other hand, every renter cooperates with at least one agency and adjusts his or her prices, which means that the prices at the destination will be the same as the agency’s.

Many people save money all year long to ensure at least a week or two of pleasant vacation with a loved one or family. Do not take unnecessary risks because you may end up with big problems, and get the wrong and negative impression about the destination you are visiting.

Q: But I had bad experiences with agencies and always paid more !

A: Guests pay more when they are not familiar with local prices and customs. The price of accommodation will normally be higher if you reserve it through agencies that do not have an office at the destination you visit. The prices of agencies in European countries or other Croatian cities are rarely the same as at the destination, because these agencies must somehow earn their fee.

If you have been disappointed with another agency, try working with us! Contact us and see for yourselves why we are the fastest developing agency. We guarantee each guest the price of accommodation the same as in the accommodation unit, and do business with integrity. Most importantly, we don’t allow ourselves mistakes and frauds. We check accommodation we offer and describe it as in much detail as possible.

We are not just active for one season, but have an ambition to stay in this business for the long run, which can only be achieved with loyal and satisfied customers! Doing business with an agency means doing business with a legal person, and ensures that each guest has a safe vacation. Doing business with an agency must contribute to effective organization of the vacation. It is very regretful if someone regards it as a synonym for disappointment or fraud.

"To us, there is no greater reward than to see that the guestis satisfied with his or her vacation
and the services our agency has provided."

Alan Vlasic, Director

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