The house rules of hotel accommodation

To make sure that your stay will be pleasant and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the rules of private accommodation. When checking in, it is implied that you are familiar with and agree with them, and that you will fully adhere to them. Violation of house rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation, and charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.

1. When you arrive at the hotel, introduce yourselves by the name under which you made the reservation. To check in, submit your identification documents at the reception desk. Submit a copy of the voucher at the reception, too. The hotel needs it to provide the ordered service.

2. All other special services ordered or used during the stay, such as telephone, mini-bar expenses and the like are paid separately, regardless of the total sum of accommodation costs expressed in the voucher. 

3. The hotel will change your bed linen and towels regularly. The bed linen and the towels are included in the price of the daily rent of the room or apartment.

4. The hotel staff is not entitled to enter the guest's room or use their personal belongings without prior announcement to and permission from the guest. The staff can enter the premises in the absence of the guest only for the purpose of cleaning the room and changing the bed linen, and when there is reason to believe that the premises or the guest are in danger or that the internal rules are being seriously violated.

5. The hotel staff is at your service during your stay for providing information and help. We suggest that you write down the complaints about the quality of the accommodation or unacceptable behaviour of the hotel staff in the book of complaints at the reception desk, and to report them to our agency during or after the stay.

6. Please keep personal belongings, money and other valuables in a safe-deposit box that can be rented at the hotel. Otherwise, the hotel will not be held accountable for their disappearance.

7. Pets are allowed only with the permission of the hotel. Bringing pets without prior announcement in the reservation is not allowed, and the hotel and agency have the right to cancel accommodation. It is forbidden to bring pets at the pool, solarium and restaurant, and you should keep them on a leash at all times.

8. You are not allowed to carry easily inflammable and explosive objects, and materials with a strong or unpleasant smell into the apartment or room. Moreover, it is forbidden to carry any electric appliances into the apartment (refrigerators, hot plates and the like), except those for intimate hygiene (shaver, toothbrush, hair-dryer).

9. From 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. is the period of night rest, so don’t disturb other hotel guests. We ask each guest to be careful and do not produce noise that can bother other guests.

10. Please take care of the rented room or apartment, and turn off electric appliances and taps. When leaving the room, close the door and return the key at the reception desk. Please report the loss of the key immediately to the reception desk. Room accessories (pillows, blankets, towels and the like) are not allowed to be taken out of the hotel.

11. It is strictly forbidden to bring persons who are not users of accommodation to the room. The hotel accommodates only those registered at the reception desk. In case unregistered persons or persons that are not announced during reservation are found in the room, the hotel and agency have the right to cancel accommodation.

12. The guest who causes damage to hotel property on purpose or by accident will have to make restitution for the full amount of damage. At the day of his or her departure, the guest is obliged to allow the hotel staff to check in his or her presence all rooms and house appliances to prove that they are not damaged. Only then is the guest allowed to depart. All unreported damages will be claimed in a lawsuit against the guest.

13. At the day of the departure, you are required to leave the room until 10:00 so that it can be cleaned and prepared for other guests coming after you. With prior announcement, you can keep the room until 14:00 with additional 50% payment, or after 14:00 by paying the full amount of daily rent.

14. You are obliged to leave the room or apartment you rented as you found it upon arrival –clean, tidy and undamaged.

15. The guest who violates house rules and disturbs the peace will be unconditionally refused accommodation.

16. In case the hotel or agency cancel accommodation to the guest because of violation of internal rules, the guest will have to pay the total amount for accommodation during the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay.

17. These internal rules refer in general for all hotels, villas and boarding-houses offered by the artMedias tourist agency. Some hotels have additional rules, with which the guest is obliged to familiarize himself/herself when checking in.

18. Any disputes that cannot be resolved in agreement with the hotel or agency will be resolved through police intervention or in legal proceedings before the court of Mali Losinj.

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